"Salem is one of the finest and most intelligent lyricists I've ever met in my life. Her metaphors are smart and her vortex-like lyrical figures are just awesome. Producing her songs showed me even more how good she is because the groove in her lines is just thundering- like a drum from hell. I totally suggest her."

- Alessandro Del Vecchio, songwriter, producer, musician, vocalist (Ian Paice, Glenn Hughes, Carmine Appice, James LaBrie, Edge Of Forever, Moonstone Project), Website

"...this is fabulous, so unique. Who writes lyrics like these? You've got my vote!"

– Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath,
Black Country Communion, Website)

"A Salem Jones penned song is both a work of creative art and of brilliant structure. This master songwriter sews tapestries of truth in ways where you don't even notice the seams; you just find yourself mesmerized by her lyrics. She notices deeply, writes easily and prolifically with the heart as well as the commerciality of the finished work in mind. She also brings this level of natural and studied ability to her work as singer and performer. When she coaches performance in other artists, it comes from proven stage strategies she has created and mastered, not just a rulebook put together by someone else. Whether your need is for a great lyric or a great performance, I highly recommend working with Salem Jones."

- Judy Rodman (songwriter, performer, Amercian
Music Award winner, top Nashville
vocal coach, Website)

"...this is the stuff great lyrics are made of"

- Bill Henderson (Canadian songwriter, leader of
Chilliwack, co- founder of Songwriter's
Association of Canada)

"You clearly bring conviction and originality…unique phrasing and emphasis treatments…your music kicks...!"

- Michael Moore (music industry icon responsible for
taking 140 sings to number one, co-discovered Stevie
Ray Vaughn, publicity mind behind the success of
Michael Jackson's Thriller and Ozzy's Bark
At The Moon.)