"Lyrics are just words, right? While lyrics are indeed 'words', that statement couldn't be further from the truth. The world is changed by words. Wars have been started by words, lives have been saved, questions have been asked and answers been given, and love has been proclaimed, shared and lost... all because, even if they are lies, words can create so much energy that they can affect anything and everything. Essentially, words are pure power."

In rock music, words - the lyrics - reflect the power of the performance, the soul of the artist and audience, and are the frontline that touches the lone listener - that one person who at a precise moment in time needs what the artist has to say more than either of them could possibly know...

...Your lyrics are your truth. They're your sacred secrets, your dazzling dreams, your cherished plans, your insistent demands, your delicate suggestions, your moon riding joys, your gut wrenching pains, your heart crushing losses, your cross-the-finish-line-at-all-costs gains. They're your style, and they are the way that you change the world. Your lyrics are you. They are the lifeblood of your songs. You want them to tell the whole story, the way you intended it to be heard, in the strongest way possible so that someone can deeply understand and will walk away changed. By you. By your words. Your lyrics. This is the essence of being a lyricist."
                                                                        – © Salem Jones

Salem has spent a lifetime as a lyricist, songwriter, recording artist and performer and though she has an abiding passion for rock music, she has worked with many different genres. Her work has repeatedly been praised by successful writers, producers and performers. If you're a songwriter, or a recording or performing artist interested in having the best lyrics you can possibly have, contact Salem here. She’s available for assessment and/or training.